Beatrice: Goddess of Beauty, Enchantment, Poetry and Love


Some call her Beatrice, though she goes by many names, this goddess of beauty, enchantment, grace and love. Dante knew her. Rumi, Hafiz, Gibran, Hopkins, Wordsworth and C.S. Lewis are among the many poets and mystics who have known her, each in his own way. Each would tell you that when she turned her glance his way that he was pierced through the heart by an enchanting beauty and intoxicating love that awakened his entire being to the sheer splendor of existence and grandeur of life.  Even more, he would tell you that Love has found the Beloved, and Eternity has danced with Time.

This is no ordinary dalliance, flirtation, infatuation or romance. Each would tell you that when she turned her gaze his way and blew her breath upon him that he became in that moment as one transformed from common clay into a poet-prince of highest nobility and stature, a spiritual intoxicant now initiated into the ways of the goddess. Beatrice freely gives to each of her suitors the gifts of infinite being, luminous presence, ravishing desire and tender love. Just read the mystics! They have all known inconsolable longing and been surprised by joy.

Every man needs his Beatrice if he is to become a man in is fullness, that is man “enlivened” and “transfigured” — whether by theosis and apotheosis. Every man needs at least once in his life to be gazed upon, known, loved, kissed and embraced by the goddess of beauty, enchantment, grace and love. Such a man, and woman too, most fortunate, will reflect the luster that shines from all those who have known the rapturous gaze of Beatrice. You can always tell when one has walked in the cool of the day by gentle springs with intoxicating breezes in the company of the goddess. Her inner beauty makes all things lovely in the fair light of her light. She is the emblem of the holy spirit that shines in and through all things bright and beautiful, all things that come to life through the energy of love, the power of imagination,  the promise of transformation and the fragrance of eternity.


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