Varieties of Perception based on Visual Analogies



In this blog I’d like to consider how our varieties of perception about the nature of reality and the world in which we live are based on visual analogies, and especially how these visual analogies typically operate below our threshold of conscious awareness as unexamined  presuppositions. Differences in metaphysical and epistemological, and even aesthetic and ethical judgments are based upon these ways of seeing or perceiving ourselves in relation to the world.

How do you see the world? I am not asking WHAT you see but HOW you see. What is unconscious, automatic and normative in the way that you see? I’m not asking the question on a physiological level but the psychological and social levels, indeed, on the unspoken metaphysical and epistemological levels as well. Tell me HOW you see the world and I will tell you your operating worldview, that is, what you think is “really going on” and “what’s worth noticing.”

Consider the following questions:

Where do…

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