The Ecstatic Life: Fulfilling the Soul’s Need for Passion and Intimacy


What do we mean by the ecstatic life? In Webster’s Dictionary some synonyms for ecstasy include the following: overwhelming emotion, rapturous delight, mystical trance, intense exaltation of mind or feelings, a state of intense bliss or beatitude, a powerful emotion that lifts us out of our self, an experience of radical wonder, awe and amazement, a luminous vision of beauty, a state of sublime reverie, an tender and elegiac mood, a diaphanous state of transparency to Being in itself, contemplative serenity and peace, intimate communion, sensuous and spiritual surrender, transcendental joy.

In her book, “The Hunger for Ecstasy: Fulfilling the Soul’s Need for Passion and Intimacy,” Jalaja Bonheim writes, “There comes a time in each of our lives when the inner ‘serpent’ (see the Kundalini Tantric Yoga Tradition) demands its freedom. We know that this time has come when we begin to long for new avenues of self-expression. We begin to dream of dancing…

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