Cultivating the Potentialities of the Universal Human Within An Integral Pluralist Vision of Reality

Cultivating the Potentialities of the Universal Human

To see this post in its proper relations please open the attached word document PDF file highlighted in green letters above. This is the mental map I described in the previous blog. I attempted to “copy and paste” the document into word press but the lines didn’t want to cooperate. In any case, there are a variety of ways in which modern people have attempted to envision the meaning and relation, metaphysical reality and epistemological authority of Spirit and Nature, as well as the Right Side and Left Sides of human experience, that is, the internal and external aspects of human perception and awareness. Mergers and Splitters, Artists and Scientists as “pure types” simply see the world through different lenses. Each is convinced of the primal and ultimate authority of its own lens. There are a variety of “spiritual” or metaphysical visions of the encompassing reality, just as there are a variety of “secular” and naturalistic visions of the encompassing reality. An integral pluralist approach is to at least be aware of the variety of ways that different human beings in different ages and cultures have perceived and interpreted their experience of themselves and the world in which they have lived.

“Spirit” (Above)

Synoptic Visions Within the Primal, Ancient & Medieval World

Spirit, Nature, Human Being (Aboriginal Vision)

Passive Yin, Active Yang, Integral Tao (Taoist Vision)

Being, Consciousness, Bliss (Hindu Vision)

Non-Attachment, Mindfulness, Compassion (Buddhist Vision)

Justice, Mercy, Peace (Shalom) (Jewish Vision)

Light, Life, Love; Faith, Hope, Love (Christian Vision)

Beauty, Goodness, Truth (Classical Hellenic Vision)

Solitude, Simplicity, Serenity (Medieval Monastic Vision)

Arts, Humanities, Sciences (Renaissance Humanist Vision)

Synoptic Visions within the Modern, Post-Modern & Contemporary World

Reason, Law, Mechanism (Enlightenment Vision)

Freedom, Creativity, Organicism (Romantic Vision)

Private, Public, Social Sectors (Democratic Vision)

Passion, Inwardness, Subjectivity (Existential Vision)

Subjective, Objective, Relational (Pragmatic Vision)

Unity, Diversity, Unification (Integral Pluralist Vision)

Intentions:Interior Individual


Identity & Intimacy


Inward Orientation:

Right Brain Hemisphere



First-Person Experience

Feeling & Perceiving




Internal Collective


Symbols & Traditions


Intuition (Visions & Dreams)

Conscience (Virtues &Ethics)

Volition (Purposes & Plans)

Reason (Logic & Analyses)

Above: Mind & Spirit


Below: Body & Soul

Imagination (Arts & Aesthetics)

Emotions (Moods & Relations)

Sensations (Pleasures & Desires)

Body (Health & Wellness)



External Individual


Differentiation & Distance


Outward Orientation:

Left-Brain Hemisphere



Third-Person Analysis

Thinking & Judging




External Collective


Systems & Institutions


“Nature” (Below)

Mystery, Cosmos, Galaxies, Solar Systems, Planets, Earth, Existence,

Life*, Complexity, Consciousness, Community, Civilization, Culture

Vegetative, Animal and Human Forms of Life and Consciousness

Other Forms of Life and Consciousness throughout the Galaxies


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