Change Your Life, Change Your World: Nine Principles for Transformational Living

These nine principles are simple and direct personal injunctions that, if taken seriously and practiced consistently, will exercise a transforming influence upon one’s way of living. If you want to change your life and change your world, these principles can guide you in the direction you seek to do. You will notice a strong correlation between these nine principles and the nine points of the Enneagram. These nine principles, when practiced in concert with each other rather than isolated from each other, exercise an exponential result. To be a real person is to develop all our human capacities, not just one or two. That is why it is a serious therapeutic error to misuse the Enneagram in such a way as to let persons off the hook from cultivating their full humanity by telling then that their entire identity is located in only one of the nine points. That doctrine is based upon the archaic metaphysical assumption that our souls preexist our bodies and are predestined to belong to one and only one of the nine points. It is similar to the astrological belief that from all eternity our embodied souls belong to one of the twelve “houses” of the zodiac. Such beliefs may help us to feel special but they also set limited on our human capacity to transform ourselves and to live in all worlds. What if your True Humanity contained “all souls” and you could become a Universal Human rather than a self-satisfied psychological sectarian? What if you could become many selves within one self, honoring all the “gods” or mythic archetypes rather than just one? What if you could become an “autodidact” and a “polymath, a person committed to personal excellence and human flourishing, not only for your self but for others as well? What if you could change yourself and change your world? Would you dare to take bold and deliberate action to do it, or would you drift with the drowsy and clueless current of our mindless and complacent culture? Would you dare to live such a passionate and purposeful life? Each of us must answer that question in the inner depths of our own  hearts and minds.

Here are the Nine Principles for Transformational Living. Take a minute to meditate upon each one:

1. Strive to Improve Yourself and Your Full Potential

2. Be Kind and Show True Compassion for Others

3. Plan and Take Action to Succeed in Your Work

4.  Let Wonder and Beauty Inspire Your Creativity

5. Seek Profound and Encompassing Knowledge

6. Build Committed and Trustworthy Relationships

7. Find Delight and Joy in Life’s Simple Pleasures

8. Exercise Bold Ethical and Visionary Leadership

9. Cultivate Inner Serenity and Work for Peace


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