AMERICA TRUMPED: The Narcissistic Sociopath White Nationalist Presidency of a Plutocratic Demagogue Begins!

The following definitions of terms will become important to understand during the anti-intellectual and anti-progressive reign of Trump: a racist and sexist bigot, an authoritarian demagogic, an angry, vindictive, arrogant, thin-skinned, fact-free fabricator of lies, a petulant, erratic, and self-inflated egotist with a simplistic black and white worldview and fifth grade vocabulary, a narcissistic sociopath who admires autocratic authoritarians and who prefers “subjects” to “citizens.” 

It is a profound error of judgment to “normalize” Donald Trump or assume that he is going to “pivot” to becoming tempered, wise, balanced and presidential now that he has been elected. He intends to continue appealing rhetorically to hate and fear among the working class white populace and the corrupt plutocratic libertarian GOP fully institute his radical “alt right” agenda.

In electing Trump under our Electoral College system our great American Democratic Republic may have committed suicide. For at least the next four years we can expect to witness a vast accumulation of wealth, privilege, influence, coercion and power that concentrates itself around the “Trump Empire” in both its political and economic forms. Donald Trump is and has always be for Donald Trump. Ready or not, the rest of us are going along for the ride. 


Inflates talents and success and expects to be noticed as better than others.

Is absorbed with notions of his or her own great and endless success, power, genius, beauty, or ideal love

Believes he or she is “special” and unique, and can only be known by or relate to other special or high-status people.

Requires others to admire him or her on a constant basis.

Believes he or she deserves or is owed special treatment or that others should comply quickly with his or her demands.

Exploits or takes advantage of others to achieve his or her goals.

Lacks concern or does not notice others’ feelings or needs.

Envies others’ success or rewards, or believes that others envy him or her.

Shows an arrogant, haughty, snobbish behavior and/or attitudes.

Source: Understanding Mental Disorders: Your Guide to DSM-5, published by the American Psychiatric Association


“Sociopath” was a term used in the past for a patient with antisocial personality disorder, according to MedicineNet. A person with this disorder shows a strong pattern of systemically violating and disregarding the rights of others, and he normally does not feel guilty when his actions hurt other people


White nationalism is an ideology that advocates a racial definition of national identity. These individuals identify and are attached to the perceived white nation. It ranges from a preference for one’s ethnic group, to feelings of superiority and forms of white supremacism, including calls for national citizenship to be reserved for white people


Plutocracy is a form of oligarchy and defines a society ruled or controlled by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens. The first known use of the term was in 1652. Unlike systems such as democracy, capitalism, socialism or anarchism, plutocracy is not rooted in an established political philosophy.



A demagogue /ˈdɛməɡɒɡ/ (from Greek δημαγωγός, a popular leader, a leader of a mob, from δῆμος, people, populace, the commons + ἀγωγός leading, leader)[1] or rabble-rouser is a leader in a democracy who gains popularity by exploiting prejudice and ignorance among the common people, whipping up the passions of the crowd and shutting down reasoned deliberation.[1][2][3][4] Demagogues have usually advocated immediate, violent action to address a national crisis while accusing moderate and thoughtful opponents of weakness or disloyalty. Demagogues overturn established customs of political conduct, or promise or threaten to do so. Most who were elected to high office changed their democracy into some form of dictatorship.

Demagogues have appeared in democracies since ancient Athens. They exploit a fundamental weakness in democracy: because ultimate power is held by the people, nothing stops the people from giving that power to someone who appeals to the lowest common denominator of a large segment of the population


Nepotism is favoritism granted to relatives. The term originated with the assignment of nephews to important positions by Catholic popes and bishops. Nepotism can occur in various fields including: politics, entertainment, business, sports, and religion


Kleptocracy (literally “rule by thieves”)[ is a government with corrupt rulers (kleptocrats) who use their power to exploit the people and natural resources of their own territory. They do this in order to extend their personal wealth and political power. Typically this system involves the embezzlement of state funds at the expense of the wider population, sometimes without even the pretense of honest service.

Let’s not kid ourselves, friends. Dark days lie ahead for those of us who cherish the first amendment rights and responsibilities in a pluralistic and inclusive democracy. Conservatives and Liberals, Traditionalists and Progressives may need to join forces to resist the increasingly autocratic and authoritarian rule of a narcissist sociopath who would become America’s Strong Man, the Putin of the Western World.


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