About Villa Sophia


What is Villa Sophia?

VILLA SOPHIA is a website and blog that explores the great questions of life from a wide variety of perspectives. These perennial human questions encompass the intellectual domains of philosophy, religion, history, literature, arts and sciences. They also encompass all the existential domains of living – including personal wholeness, healthy relationships, meaningful work, creative leisure, cultural literacy, civil society and global sustainability.

What Is Our Greater Purpose

To explore the great questions of life through engaging a wide variety of historical perspectives and cultural traditions, weaving them into a meaningful worldview and fulfilling way of life.


“Cultures (and individuals) with richer ‘vocabularies’ (that is, symbols, metaphors, tropes,  images, ideas, characters, narratives, creations, discoveries, theories and practices) are more fully human — farther than the beasts — than those with poorer ones.” -Richard Rorty

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Philosophical Reflections and Musings on the Great Questions of Life

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