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I'm passionately engaged in exploring the great questions of life. These questions encompass all the humanities, arts and science, as well as all the vital domains of life, including personal wholeness, human relationships, cultural literacy and civil society.

Integral Wisdom, Creative Intelligence, Ecological Science and Systems Thinking

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We need to make a paradigm shift from a compartmentalized, fragmented, mechanistic and reductive view of nature and science to an integrative, holistic, relational, adaptive systems approach. Nature is our teacher. All is connected. The natural world reveals complex and coherent patterns, templates and processes that can be metaphorically and analogically applied to every vital sphere of human inquiry. We need a unified vision of life in all domains. This includes the ‘vertical’ domains of nature, humanity and spirit. It also includes the ‘horizontal’ domains of education and vocation, culture and society, historical past and emergent future. Such a unified vision will combine integral wisdom, creative intelligence, ecological science and systems thinking.