“Six Ways We See the World”

Worldview lenses

Six Dialogues with the World

Introducing the Primal, Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Post-Modern and Trans-Modern Historical and Cultural World View Perspectives and Frames of Mind

1. PRIMAL: Animistic & Tribal (Siddhic & Tantric)

A. The Primal View is Sensuous: Natural & Embodied

B. The Primal View is Intuitive: Spiritual & Shamanic

2. ANCIENT: Axial & Classical

A. The Ancient View is Axial: Religious & “Other-Worldly”

B. The Ancient View is Classical: Philosophical & This-Worldly

3. MEDIEVAL: Monastic & Scholastic

A. The Medieval View is Monastic: Contemplative & Experiential

B. The Medieval View is Scholastic: Intellectual & Propositional

4. MODERN: Rational & Romantic

A. The Modern View is Rationalist: Scientific & Instrumental

B. The Modern View is Romantic: Aesthetic  & Imaginative

5. POST-MODERN: Eclectic & Ironic

A. The Post-Modern View is Eclectic: Multiple & Divergent

B. The Post-Modern View is Ironic: Absurd & Paradoxical

6. TRANS-MODERN: Pluralistic & Integral

A. The Trans-Modern View is Pluralistic: Quadrants & Levels

B. The Trans-Modern View is Integral: Holistic & Unitive

Questions for Reflection and Discussion:

1: What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses, assets and liabilities of each of these six ways of seeing?

2: What kinds of tensions and conflicts might we expect between Primalist, Traditionalists, Romantics, Modernists, Post-Modernists, and Trans-Modernists?

3: What are the major challenges and opportunities do these sixways of seeing the world pose for those of us who live in a pluralist society and global age?

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