Lifestyle Choices


It has been says that “some people think their way into a new way of living and that others live their way into a new way of thinking.” The former are focused upon their philsophical worldview while the latter are focused upon their practical lifestyle. The former are concerned with theory while the latter are concerned with practice.

Different individuals will have different notions about what constitutes the good life of human flourishing, and will develop their lifestyle according. One may prefer the ideal of the contemplative life, another the active life, and still another a combination of the two. Likewise, one may prefer the ideal of the ascetic life while another may prefer the ideal of the hedonic life, and still yet another may try to combine these two.

When it comes to lifestyles those who identify with the post-modern sensibility will tend to wear their polymorphic lifestyles as if they were ever-changing clothing fashions. Identit for them is not stable and fixed but fluid and adaptive to constant change.

Those who identity with the pre-modern and modern sensibilities will both find this fluidity and mutability more than a little nerve-racking. They will think that identity should be more or less stable and fixed throughout one’s life, while one continues to grow and mature within that stable identity. By contrast, the essence of the post-modern sensibility is one of eclecticism, patchwork, parody and irony.

Those who identity with the trans-modern sensibility will try to combine opposite tendencies toward both stability and flux, continuity and change. The essence of the trans-modern sensibility is pluralistic integration, the combining of multiple polarities into an integral and encompassing whole.

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