Integral Philosophy

Wikipedia: Integral philosophy or integral theory is the view that the encompassing reality has (1) multiple quadrants (the four dimensions of internal individual, external individual, internal collective and external collective [constituting intentions, behaviors, culture and social systems] and (2) multiple levels (in the great chain of being) that includes matter, body, mind, soul,  and spirit) that can be united through integral methodological pluralism.

Ken Wilber is a leading developer and advocate of integral philosophy with its holistic paradigm of All Quadrants and All Levels (AQAL). Wilber’s many books seek to connect integral theory and integral practices. The Integral Theory of Everything that does not “reduce” either to materialism, idealism or dualism, or for that matter to panpsychism for the simple reason that it sees reality as existing in multiple dimensions and on multiple levels.

In the history of ideas there are many visionaries and thinkers who identify themselves (or have been later identified) as integral philosophers.

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